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Fishing Brothers

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Silence Bridge Fishing Guru: Why isn't there a shortlink for the different Poké Balls, anyway?
===Silence Bridge Fishing Guru===
In [[Generation I]], [[Generation II]], and [[Generation III]], a brother of the Fishing Guru lives on [[Silence Bridge]]. He gives [[Super Rod]]s to those in whom he detects a love of fishing. In [[Generation II]], he claims to be a younger brother of the Fishing Guru of Lake of Rage. In [[Pokémon {{2v2|FireRed and |LeafGreen Versions]]}}, he is one of the few sources of balls introduced in [[Pokémon {{2v2|Ruby and Sapphire Versions|Ruby & Sapphire]]}}, rewarding players with [[a {{DL|Poké Ball#|Net Ball|Net Balls]]}} for showing him a record-breaking [[Magikarp (Pokémon){{p|Magikarps]]Magikarp}}.
===Fuchsia City Fishing Guru===