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== Userboxes ==
I would have put my userboxes in a box, but I couldn't fit it anywhere fitting, so I had to do full pages. Ah well.<div class="userbox">
=== Personal ===
{{User Age|15}}
{{User Liberal}}
{{Babel {{{1|N}}}|en|English language|{{#switch:{{{1|N}}}
|N=This user is a '''[[:Category:User en-N|native]]''' speaker of '''[[:Category:User en|English]]'''.
|4=This user speaks '''[[:Category:User en|English]]''' at a '''[[:Category:User en-4|native]]''' level.
|3=This user is able to contribute with an '''[[:Category:User en-3|advanced]]''' level of '''[[:Category:User en|English]]'''.
|2=This user is able to contribute with an '''[[:Category:User en-2|intermediate]]''' level of '''[[:Category:User en|English]]'''.
|1=This user is able to contribute with a '''[[:Category:User en-1|basic]]''' level of '''[[:Category:User en|English]]'''.
|0=This person '''[[:Category:User en-0|does not understand]] [[:Category:User en|English]]''' (or understands it with considerable difficulties).
{{Babel {{{1|N}}}|ja|Japanese language|{{#switch:{{{1|N}}}
|N=この利用者は'''[[:Category:User ja|日本語]]'''を'''[[:Category:User ja-N|母語]]'''としています。
|4=この利用者は'''[[:Category:User ja-4|母語に近いレベル]]'''で'''[[:Category:User ja|日本語]]'''を話します。
|3=この利用者は'''[[:Category:User ja-3|流暢]]'''な'''[[:Category:User ja|日本語]]'''を話します。
|2=この利用者は'''[[:Category:User ja-2|ある程度]]'''の'''[[:Category:User ja|日本語]]'''を話します。
|1=この利用者は'''[[:Category:User ja-1|簡単]]'''な'''[[:Category:User ja|日本語]]'''を話します。
{{User:Jo The Marten/User sar}}
{{User Heavy Sleeper}}
==== Likes and Dislikes ====
{{User Favorite|157Typhlosion|Typhlosion|Fire}}
{{User Favorite|197Umbreon|Umbreon|Dark}}
{{User Walk|male|157|Typhlosion|Fire|Fire}}{{tt|*|I have to say I like walking with all of my Pokémon...|}}
{{User Walk|male|197|Umbreon|Dark|Dark}}
{{User Original Series}}
=== Bulbapedia ===
{{User Dex}}
{{User Read Unown}}
{{User Favorite|157Typhlosion|Typhlosion|Fire}}
{{User Favorite|197Umbreon|Umbreon|Dark}}
{{User Trainer|Hilbert}}
{{User Coordinator}}
{{User No Cheating}}
'''==== Console games''' ====
{{User Stadium}}
{{User Colosseum}}
{{User Battle Revolution}}
{{User Super Smash Bros.}}
{{User Super Smash Bros. Melee}}
{{User Super Smash Bros. Brawl}}
'''==== Side Series''' ====
{{User Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky}}
{{User Pokémon|001|Bulbasaur}}
{{User PMD Partner|155|Cyndaquil}}
==== Spinoffs ====
{{User PokéPark}}
'''=== Shinies''' ===
{{User Shiny|197|Umbreon}}
{{User Shiny|186|Politoed}}
'''=== Accomplishments''' ===
{{User Champion|R}}
{{User Head|HG}}
'''=== MemesEvent '''Pokémon ===
{{User Mew}}
{{User Celebi}}
{{User Jirachi}}
{{User Deoxys}}
{{User Phione}}
{{User Manaphy}}
{{User Darkrai}}
{{User Shaymin}}
{{User Arceus}}
{{User Victini}}
{{User:Jo The Marten/Sandbox/User Shiny Beast|Raikou}}
=== Memes ===
{{User 300}}
{{User AYB}}
{{User PMF}}
=== It's True... ===
{{User Usertags}}