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Writing on talk pages in three paragraphs
Refrain from using {{wp|profanity}} in a matter that is derogatory or directly offensive. Profane rants are absolutely unacceptable. However, the use of "swear words" is not inherently problematic if used to prove a point or otherwise contribute to the betterment of the wiki.
===WritingHow onto talkwrite pages in three paragraphsnicely===
It sounds really simple, but if you just make an effort to be nice or be quiet, that will help a lot. If somebody's doing something wrong and you want to write on their user talk page, describe what's incorrect and provide encouragement and advice in how to make it better. Nobody was born with an intuitive understanding of wikicode, or the English language for that matter. Positive reinforcement goes a long way to making the community stronger and new users better contributors—because even bad contributions are additions.