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Mienshao (Pokémon)

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Trivia: Second statement makes it pointless.
* Mienshao and its pre-evolution {{p|Mienfoo}} are the only Generation V Pokémon to learn {{m|Aura Sphere}}.
** They are both also the only non-legendary Pokémon with higher {{stat|Attack}} than {{stat|Special Attack}} who can learn this move.
*Despite its Pokédex entry stating that its attacks come with extreme rapidity, Mienshao can't learn any variation of {{m|Quick Attack}}, including {{m|Quick Attack}} itself.
**It can however learn {{m|Fake Out}} which allows it to strike first on the first turn and {{m|Me First}} which allows it to strike first when your opponent is attacking you with a damage-dealing attack.
Mienshao seems to be based on a {{wp|Stoat|ermine}} and also seems to have drawn inspiration from {{wp|whip fighting}} as well as a variety of martial arts, such as {{wp|Taekwondo}} and {{wp|Kokondo}}.