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''Main article: [[Red, Green & Blue chapter (Special)]]''
The RGB chapter features the journeys of [[Red (Special)|Red]] and [[Green (Special)|Green]] through [[Kanto]], conquering the eight [[Gyms]] and the [[Pokémon League]]. Later, a third trainer, [[Blue (Special)|Blue]], comes into the plot. Together, they destroy [[Team Rocket]], an evil organization which uses Pokémon for illegal actions. There are also adventures of Red helping [[Blaine]] to capture [[Mewtwo (Pokémon)|Mewtwo]] and saving [[Yellow (Special)|Yellow]] from wild Pokémon in Viridian Forest. At the end, [[Red (Special)|Red]] defeated [[Green (Special)|Green]] in the [[Pokémon League]].
==Yellow chapter (Volume 4~7)==
==FireRed & LeafGreen chapter (Volume 22~26)==
The FRLG series continues the series featuring the characters Red, Green & BlueGreen as they are forced to explore the Sevii Islands to look for Professor Oak who got kidnapped by somea unknown[[Deoxys (Pokémon)|Deoxys]]. Meanwhile, Blue has finally located her parents, but as she is about to meet them, they get swallowed up by a mysterious black hole. Red, Green, and Blue must locate the missing relatives with the help of a former foe, [[Lorelei]], the psychic mutant, Mewtwo and a mysterious old lady, [[Kiwame]], while defeating Team Rocket again at the same time. Back in Kanto, Silver is seeking his parents as well, with the help of Yellow. He is soon shocked by the revelation of who his father really is...
==Battle Frontier chapter (Volume 26~?)==
The Grand opening of the [[Battle Frontier]] takes an unexpected twist when [[Emerald (Special)|Emerald]] appears on the scene. Now he must conquer the seven facilities in seven days. With a seemingly unmatched ability at battles and access to every Pokémon [[Crystal (Special)|Crystal]] has ever caught, the mysterious stranger that attacks [[Factory Head Noland|Noland]] and is seeking {{p|Jirachi}}, [[Guille Hideout]], may be more of a worry, especially if he catches Jirachi first...
==Diamond & Pearl chapter==