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Hello fellow users and welcome to my page,
As you can see this page is quite emptymessy at the moment, but don't worry, it'll all change in good time. Fact is, this page will be asolely navigationfor pagethe tonavigation alltemplate myyou subpagessee becauseabove iso haveyou 2can mainpages,go Azure42to andthe ChromeVoid42.different Sopages this(A42 is whata i'llclean' doversion and CV42 is a more opinionated one), some pages are still a bit empty or outdated due to being away for quite some time.
If you wanna say hello to me, feel free to on my {{ut|Azure42|Talk Page}}
If you wanna see a practically empty page, visit my {{u|Azure42/Sandbox|Sandbox}}, {{u|Azure42/Links|My Links}} or even my {{u|Azure42/Usertags|Usertag Page}}, i'm sure they'll fill up sometime
If you want to see a page where you can learn some things about me visit {{u|Azure42/Main|Azure42}}, this will eventually be my 'clean version' where i just explain things briefly, by usertag or not at all, pay no attention to the '''Bold Text''', it just explained why all the old stuff on here was on that page too
If you wanna see a mid-construction page where you may learn something more detailed and different about me, visit {{u|Azure42/ChromeVoid42|ChromeVoid42}}, this would be the more opinionated page with more explanations and views some ''may'' disagree with but it's just explaining who i am and what my views are, i'm not there to argue :)
Well, so far that's your lot, in a couple of days i plan to be getting more structured and possibly making/'borrowing' templates. So far, the only user i can thank in the construction of this page is {{u|Jediknightdtv}} but eventually others will be credited. So, feel free to roam about my pages (or not) i hope you enjoyed my page, here's an epic picture of [[Zekrom]] to compensate the emptyness of the page :)