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Pokémon in China
:Well, I'm not really much of an expert, just having a lot of sources to look into. Although I would agree with what [[User:Swampert|Swampert]] suggested, naming the article as "Pokémon in the Chinese-speaking regions" (or world). "Pokémon in Greater China" is good, but there's always some sort of political connotation. I also wouldn't recommend calling it "Pokémon in China" bcause of those sensitivities.--<font color="#2B547E">'''神</font><font color="#F8D030">電</font><font color="#990000">の</font>[[User:神奇超龍|<font color="#0B0BA6">超龍</font>]]「'''[[User talk:神奇超龍|對話]]'''」''' 09:03, 12 August 2011 (UTC)
::Alright thanks, I think "in Greater China" sounds good. --[[Special:Contributions/CoolPikachu!|<span style="color:#00AF33;">'''☆'''</span>]][[User:CoolPikachu!|<span style="color:#0098d9;">'''Cool'''</span>]][[User talk:CoolPikachu!|<span style="color:#F8D030;">'''Pikachu!'''</span>]] 07:20, 15 August 2011 (UTC)