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When buried on the ground, one can distinguish a trap from a sphere by looking at the color of the sparkling light that one gets to see when the [[Nintendo DS]]'s touch screen gets touched. Traps give out a white sparkling light while [[sphere]]s give out a yellow one.
==List of Traps by Function==
===Moving Traps===
Move Trap up<br>
Move Trap down<br>
Move Trap left<br>
Move Trap right<br>
Hurl Trap up<br>
Hurl Trap down<br>
Hurl Trap left<br>
Hurl Trap right<br>
===Fire Traps===
Ember Trap<br>
Fire Trap<br>
===Flower Traps===
Leaf Trap<br>
Flower Trap<br>
===Rock Traps===
Rock Trap<br>
Rockfall Trap<br>
===Bubble Traps===
Foam Trap<br>
Bubble Trap<br>
===Hole Traps===
Hole Trap<br>
Pit Trap<br>