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Friend Guard (Ability)

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|text5=Reduces damage done to allies.
'''Friend Guard''' (Japanese: '''フレンドガード''' ''Friend Guard'') is an [[Ability]] introduced in [[Generation V]]. Five [[{{OBP|Pokémon]]|species}} have this Ability, all {{type|Normal}} and none are fully evolved. This Ability is exclusively obtained through the {{pkmn|Dream World}}.
* All Pokémon with this Ability are small, round, pink, pre-evolved Pokémon who evolve from means other than leveling up normally, and they all have it as a Hidden Ability.
* Also, all the PokemonPokémon that can have this abilityAbility can be either evolved from high happiness or a Moon Stone, and has a high capture rate using a Moon Ball.
==In other languages==