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Does the Pokemon look like the world of the monotheism in an English version?
::::::::Most of the Pokemon that is called KAMI in a Japanese version is related to the shrine(hokora). Could you understand there is an element of polytheism in a Japanese version? [[User:Sawamular101|Sawamular101]] 13:28, 9 August 2011 (UTC)
:::::::::I understand how polytheism is more evident in the Japanese version. It seems to be more of the fact that they are worshiped rather than actually being gods. Arceus is the creator, but is nor worshiped, except perhaps by the people who built the [[Sinjoh Ruins]]. So I would believe that the people of the Pokémon world view these Pokémon as gods, but Arceus is the true creator. However, it depends on whether you restrict the status of god to being something directly involved in creation, or something that is worshiped as one. I see how both monotheism and polytheism can be interpreted from the Pokémon world. --[[User:SnorlaxMonster|<span style="color:#A70000">'''Snorlax'''</span>]][[User talk:SnorlaxMonster|<span style="color:#0000A7">'''Monster'''</span>]] 13:44, 9 August 2011 (UTC)