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[[Image:Squirtle Debut.png|Squirtle in his debut|200px|thumb|left]]
Squirtle used to be the leader of a gang known as the [[Squirtle Squad]], a group of rogue Squirtle who were deserted by their {{pkmn|Trainer}}s. {{MTR}} managed to befriend the Squirtle Squad by convincing them that [[Jessie]] and [[James]] were his pets. The Squirtle Squad then captured Ash, {{an|Misty}} and {{an|Brock}} so they could take {{AP|Pikachu}} back to Meowth. Ash managed to convince the Squirtle Squad to let him free to get a Super Potion for Pikachu, who was badly injured after an earlier encounter with a {{p|Goldeen}}. The Squirtle Squad agreed to let Ash go to town to buy a Super Potion, but if he didn't return by noon the next day, they threatened to dye Misty's hair purple (in the original, they threatened to kill her).
During its time with Ash, Squirtle became one of Ash's three most trustworthy Pokémon, next to Bulbasaur and Pikachu, and it was used very often, about as much as Bulbasaur, Pikachu, and {{AP|Charmander/Charizard|Charizard}}. It served as Pikachu's 'steed' when the group [[EP033|competed in a race]], but the two were put out of the running by a {{m|Glare}} attack from {{TP|Jessie|Arbok}}. During the [[Indigo Plateau Conference]], Squirtle won Ash's second round by defeating a {{p|Nidorino}}. One of its most notable battles was when it was pitted against [[Rudy]]'s {{p|Starmie}}, which was able to use {{m|Thunderbolt}}; despite the power of the electric attack, Squirtle not only defeated Starmie, but learned {{m|Hydro Pump}} in the process.
[[File:Ash and Squirtle.png|thumb|left|200px|Ash and Squirtle]]
During Ash's travels in Johto, it competed in an event called the [[EP147|Fire and Rescue Grand Prix]], a firefighting competition for water Pokémon. As luck would have it, one of the teams was the Squirtle Squad, but they were confused without their leader. Ash's Squirtle led the Squirtle Squad to win the Grand Prix, and at the end of the episode Squirtle returned to the Squirtle Squad because Ash felt that the old gang needed Squirtle more than he did.
In the Christmas special, it was seen snatching a biscuit from {{AP|Bulbasaur}} and being used as a sled by it.
===Kanto Battle Frontier===
Squirtle can be called upon at any time. In ''[[AG189|Gathering the Gang of Four!]]'', it returned to help Ash with his final battle against {{FB|Pyramid King|Brandon}}, meeting {{TP|May|May's Squirtle|Wartortle}} and later defeating Brandon's {{p|Ninjask}} in ''[[AG190|Pace - The Final Frontier!]]''.