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[[Image:Ash Charmander.png‎|As a {{p|Charmander}}|200px|thumb|left]]
Charizard was originally obtained as a {{p|Charmander}} in ''[[EP011|Charmander – The Stray Pokémon]]''. The Charmander was abandoned by [[Damian]], and Ash and {{ashfr|his friends}} found and nurtured it back to health. Charmander then chose to join Ash. It was immediately one of Ash's most used Pokémon, defeating such opponents as a {{p|Golem}}, a {{p|Jynx}}, [[Koga]]'s {{p|Golbat}}, [[Erika]]'s {{p|Weepinbell}}, and a {{AP|Primeape}} (which Ash subsequently captured).
Charmander [[Evolution|evolved]] into {{p|Charmeleon}} in ''[[EP043|March of the Exeggutor Squad]]'' and quickly lost its loyalty to Ash, attacking a {{p|Paras}} when Ash was trying to deliberately lose in order to help Paras evolve (''[[EP044|The Problem with Paras]]''). A few episodes down the line, it evolved again into {{p|Charizard}} in ''[[EP046|Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon]]'' to {{pkmn|battle}} an {{p|Aerodactyl}}. From the time of its becoming Charmeleon to the [[Pokémon: The Adventures in the Orange Islands|Orange Islands]] episode ''[[EP105|Charizard Chills]]'', Charizard refused to obey Ash, the only exception being when he decided to test his strength against [[Blaine]]'s powerful {{TP|Blaine|Magmar}} during Ash's attempts to win a {{Badge|Volcano}}. Charizard's disloyalty especially hurt Ash the most during the [[Indigo League]] championships, causing Ash to forfeit the fifth round when it refused to battle [[Ritchie]]'s {{p|Pikachu}}, [[Sparky]].
===Orange Islands===
Before ''[[EP105|Charizard Chills]]'' Charizard was still disobedient towards Ash. In the episode ''[[EP093|Navel Maneuvers]]'', Charizard, {{AP|Pikachu}} and Bulbasaur were used in the second round of the match between Ash and [[Danny]]. Charizard was initially unwilling to participate, and Danny nearly won. However, Charizard unwillingly helped when it tried to use {{m|Flamethrower}} on Ash but missed and carved an ice pillar into a sled. This meant Ash won the round and was able to continue the match.
It participated in Ash's Gym battle against [[Luana]], where it fought Luana's {{p|Alakazam}} and {{p|Marowak}} alongside Ash's Pikachu in the series' first [[double battle]]. The two Pokémon initially had trouble collaborating, but eventually managed to work together: Pikachu helped to free Charizard from Alakazam's {{m|Psychic}} attack and Charizard caught Pikachu after it was hit by Marowak's {{m|Body Slam}} attack. Charizard was also used in Ash's Orange League battle against {{OBP|Drake|Orange League}}. Charizard defeated Drake's {{p|Electabuzz}} and also fought {{TP|Drake|Dragonite}} before it fainted.
It participated in Ash's first Johto Gym battle against [[Falkner]], where it defeated Falkner's {{p|Pidgeot}} despite the latter's impressive {{stat|Speed}}. In ''[[EP134|Charizard's Burning Ambition]]'', Ash left his Charizard in the [[Charicific Valley]] with {{Jo|Liza}} to train and become more powerful. While there, it took the role of bodyguard for Liza's Charizard, [[Charla]], and the two seem to have struck up a [[ValleyShipping|romantic relationship]]. Liza occasionally visits the [[Dragon's Den|Dragon's Valley]] in [[Blackthorn City]] alongside the two Charizard. One such visit (''[[EP253|Great Bowls of Fire!]]'' and ''[[EP254|Better Eight Than Never]]'') coincidentally occurred when Ash was there for his final [[Johto]] gym battle, resulting in Charizard helping Ash defeat [[Clair]]'s newly-evolved {{TP|Clair|Dragonair}} in his rematch with her by causing the water in the gym's pool to evaporate with its {{m|Flamethrower}} and {{m|Fire Spin}}, thus depriving Dragonair of its protection.
Ash later used Charizard in the [[Silver Conference]] during his fight against [[Gary Oak]] in ''[[EP270|Can't Beat the Heat!]]'' (during which it decisively defeated [[Gary's Blastoise]] despite the type disadvantage and having already defeated Gary's {{p|Scizor}} and Golem). It was then used in Ash's fight against {{jo|Harrison}}, where it was defeated by [[Harrison's Blaziken]] after a tough fight despite it having a type advantage. However, Charizard injured Blaziken so badly that it couldn't fight the next day.
===Kanto Battle Frontier===
Charizard can be called upon at any time. In ''[[AG136|The Symbol Life]]'', it returned for Ash's first {{Gdis|Battle Frontier|III}} battle, where it took on [[Noland's Articuno]] at the {{DL|Battle Frontier (Generation III)|Battle Factory}}. Despite Articuno's effort and use of {{m|Water Pulse}}, Charizard won by using {{m|Overheat}}, which it had just learned; using the unorthodox strategy of catching Articuno as it tried to use {{m|Steel Wing}}; and using its trademark move, {{m|Seismic Toss}}.