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[[Image:Ash Turtwig.png|200px|thumb|left|As a {{p|Turtwig}}]]
{{Ash}} caught Torterra as a Turtwig in ''[[DP005|Gettin' Twiggy With It!]]''. It had been living in the forest near [[Clara]]'s home, and it broke up fights among [[wild Pokémon]] in the area. After [[Team Rocket]] stole [[Ash's Pikachu]], their {{TP|Team Rocket|balloon|mechas}} crashed, and Turtwig defended Pikachu against them. When Ash and {{ashfr|his friends}} appeared, Turtwig assumed they were trying to wrongfully steal Pikachu, too, so it attacked them and ran off with an exhausted Pikachu in tow. The next time they confronted Turtwig, the misunderstanding was explained, and Turtwig apologetically befriended Ash. At the end of the episode, Ash and his friends began to leave, and the old woman encouraged Turtwig to go with Ash, so it ran to challenge him. Turtwig and Pikachu {{pkmn|battle}}d, and Ash caught Turtwig.