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Ash caught Corphish in the episode ''[[AG023|Gone Corphishin'!]]''. Ash and his friends were camping on a beach, and Corphish was attacking them from underneath the sand. Eventually, its identity was revealed and Ash battled it and caught it using his {{AP|Treecko|Sceptile}}.
Back at {{To|Pallet}} town in ''[[AG133|The Right Place and the Right Mime]]'', it met and soon made friends with Ash's other crab-like Pokémon, {{AP|Kingler}}.
===Kanto Battle Frontier===
In ''[[AG153|Tactics Theatrics!!]]'', it teamed up with {{AP|Swellow}} to battle [[Dome Ace Tucker]] and won Ash the Tactics [[Symbol]].
Ash left Corphish at {{an|Professor Oak}}'s lab when he left for [[Sinnoh]].
It reappeared in ''[[DP182|An Old Family Blend!]]'', alongside Ash's other Pokémon. It helped to battle against one of [[Team Rocket's mechas]] by using its {{m|BubbleBeam}}. It also helped to put out a fire, along with {{AP|Totodile}} and {{TP|Dawn|Piplup}}, that was accidentally started by {{AP|Cyndaquil|Quilava}}. Corphish was not seen participating in the [[Lily of the Valley Conference]].