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Once they are there, the group spots a [[Poké Mart]]. Ash decides he wants to pay a visit to [[Professor Juniper]]. Just then, a woman walks out of the Poké Mart. Ash, not looking where he is going, almost runs into her. He apologizes and allows the woman to go ahead of him. Iris walks up and tells Ash that he's still a little kid, but Ash says that is because he is excited.
Ash goes inside and contacts Professor Juniper via the [[PC]]. Ash tells Juniper that he caught a {{AP|Sewaddle|Swadloon}}, which makes her proud. She asks Ash if he wants to swap Sewaddle with {{AP|Pidove|Tranquill}} and Ash says yes. So the swap begins! Soon enough, Ash has his Pidove again. Then, Ash spots the woman he almost ran into earlier staring at some paintings. Ash asks what they are and the woman merely calls them "Water Taxis" with no details and walks off. The group is confused.
When the group walks outside, an eerie fog rolls in. Just then, an [[Officer Jenny]] rides by on her motorcycle. Cilan asks if she could clear the fog. Officer Jenny sends out her {{p|Swanna}}, and Ash scans it with his [[Pokédex]]. Jenny commands Swanna to use {{m|Defog}}, but to no avail. Suddenly, a van drives by, and Jenny chases it as no vehicles should be driven in the fog. Ash, despite the risks, decides to cross the Skyarrow Bridge anyway. Iris and Cilan have no choice but to follow him.