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Totodile first appeared in ''[[EP151|The Totodile Duel]]''. Both {{Ash}} and {{an|Misty}} wanted to capture him, and although he was stunned briefly by {{AP|Pikachu}}, he managed to escape from their Poké Balls and knock them down with a powerful {{m|Water Gun}}. He then came across Team Rocket, devoured their lunch himself, and sent them blasting off. Finally tracked down by Ash and Misty, he jumped into the bushes just as they both threw their {{DL|Poké Ball|Lure Ball}}s at him. They then found out that one of the Lure Balls had captured him. They decided to have a {{pkmn|battle}} to decide who would keep him. Ash's {{AP|Chikorita}} and {{AP|Bulbasaur}} defeated [[Misty's Staryu]] and newly evolved [[Misty's Poliwhirl|Poliwhirl]] winning the battle and earning Ash the new Totodile.
[[File:Love, Totodile Style.png|thumb|left|Ash's Totodile in love]]
In a special episode, he was seen squirting [[Cassidy]] and [[Butch]] with a Water Gun attack but was fired back again. He had his revenge later by squirting them with a Water Gun again and it hit. Later, it was seen blasting Cassidy and Butch off and destroying their helicopter. It also appeared in the Christmas special where it was hanging out with {{Ash}}'s, {{an|Brock}}'s and {{an|Misty}}'s Pokémon. It managed to retrieve one present for {{p|Delibird}}. It was also seen creating the {{p|Snorlax}} Snowman.
Totodile appeared in ''[[DP182|An Old Family Blend!]]'' alongside Ash's other Pokémon. He was found dancing in a water fountain and affectionately nibbled on Ash's head before being recalled to his Lure Ball. Later, he helped to put out the fire caused by {{AP|Cyndaquil|Quilava}}, together with {{AP|Corphish}} and {{TP|Dawn|Piplup}}. Totodile was not seen participating in the [[Lily of the Valley Conference]].