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[[File:Ash Cyndaquil Debut.png|thumb|200px|left|As a {{p|Cyndaquil}}, in its debut]]
Quilava first appeared as a {{p|Cyndaquil}} in ''[[EP141|Good 'Quil Hunting]]''. On the way to [[Azalea Town]], Ash hears from a Trainer named [[Koji]] that the forest, he and his friends were traveling through, was reputed to be populated with Cyndaquil and decides to look for one. Ash was separated from his friends and chased by [[Team Rocket]] into a cave where he found Cyndaquil. It was attacked by a giant [[Team Rocket's mechas|Team Rocket's mecha]], but Cyndaquil unleashed a powerful {{m|Flamethrower}} to defeat them. Ash threw a Poké Ball at Cyndaquil, hoping to capture it in order to protect it from the explosion, which he succeeded in doing. Koji then challenged Ash to a battle for Cyndaquil, but {{an|Brock}} told Ash that Cyndaquil was his by right and he didn't have to battle for it. Ash accepted the challenge nonetheless, and Cyndaquil, despite having a disadvantage, was able to use its speed and {{m|Tackle}} attack to defeat Koji's Sandslash. Koji then decided to try to steal Cyndaquil anyway in a net, only to get badly burned when it used a Flamethrower at him, causing him to run away.
It reappeared in ''[[AG133|The Right Place and the Right Mime]]'', where it greeted {{AP|Torkoal}}.
Ash called Cyndaquil back into his party for the [[Lily of the Valley Conference]] in ''[[DP182|An Old Family Blend!]]''. It was separated from Ash along with {{AP|Bayleef}}, {{AP|Totodile}}, {{AP|Snorlax}} and {{AP|Corphish}} when Team Rocket attempted to steal them. After finding the others, Cyndaquil was the only one left for Ash to search for. While looking for Ash, it was attacked by one of [[Team Rocket's mechas]]. During the battle, it showed that it had learned the move {{m|Flame Wheel}} during its time at the lab. When the mecha had Cyndaquil cornered, it evolved into {{p|Quilava}} and used its newly learned attack {{m|Eruption}} to destroy it.
In the [[DP183|following episode]], Ash used Quilava to battle [[Nando]] in the first round of the [[Lily of the Valley Conference]] where it went up against Nando's powerful {{p|Armaldo}}. During the fierce battle, it was revealed Quilava had learned {{m|Aerial Ace}}. When Aerial Ace and {{m|X-Scissor}} both landed, Armaldo went down first. Quilava andgrins Armaldobriefly werebut then it faints, thus both Pokemon were knocked out.