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Later, they stampeded through the lab, leaving a mess and a large hole in the wall.
===Orange Islands===
Ash began using Tauros when he needed a replacement for Snorlax for his battle for the Winner's Cup of the [[Orange League]] in ''[[EP111|Hello Pummelo]]'' and ''[[EP112|Enter The Dragonite]]''. He sent the now-sleeping {{AP|Snorlax}} to Oak's for one of his Tauros to see if the "beginner's luck" strategy he had used in the [[Indigo Plateau Conference]] with {{AP|Kingler}} and {{AP|Muk}} would work again. Tauros seemed shocked but very pleased when Ash chose him.
Ash's Tauros was returned to its herd in ''[[EP115|A Tent Situation]]''. A Tauros appeared in ''[[EP145|A Farfetch'd Tale]]'', where it crowded into Ash's screen with {{AP|Kingler}}, {{AP|Snorlax}} and {{AP|Muk}} to wish him luck for his next gym battle.
[[File:Ash and Tauros.png|thumb|left|220px|Ash and Tauros, the Tauros Champions]]
The Tauros was used again in early [[Johto]] during the Pokémon Swap Meet, in ''[[EP146|Tricks of the Trade]]''. One of the events was a Tauros-battling competition, which Ash entered after exchanging {{AP|Heracross}} for Tauros. Ash then sprinted into the stadium to challenge [[Fernando]], the undefeated champion with ten straight wins. Ash's Tauros locks horns with Fernando's, and manages to overpower his with a Take Down that threw Fernando's Tauros into the arena wall and knock it out, winning Ash the tournament. Ash then received multiple offers to trade Tauros for an {{p|Onix}}, {{p|Nidoqueen}} and a {{p|Rhyhorn}}, as well as Benny's {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}}. However, he explained that he wasn't there to trade; and sent Tauros back to Professor Oak in the next episode, ''[[EP147|The Fire-ing Squad!]]''.
In the special episodes, they made a cameo appearance telling the other Pokémon about [[Cassidy]] and [[Butch]].
===Kanto Battle Frontier===
On Ash's return from [[Hoenn]] in ''[[AG133|The Right Place and the Right Mime]]'', the Tauros were seen running towards him with his other Pokémon. However, they were so pleased to see him that they got carried away and stampeded off with Ash on their backs, and Ash had to be retrieved by [[Ash's Bayleef|his Bayleef]] before he could be reunited with the other Pokémon.