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[[File:Ash Muk Oak affection.png|thumb|left|Ash's Muk showing affection for its Trainer and Oak]]
Muk was reunited with Ash when he returned home in ''[[EP115|A Tent Situation]]''. Muk insisted on fighting Team Rocket, and Ash ordered it into battle instead of choosing Bulbasaur. Muk managed to resist {{m|Razor Leaf}} attacks from [[James]]'s {{TP|James|Victreebel}}, and showed off its newly learned {{m|Poison Gas}} when it bit down on it in an attempt to use {{m|PoisonPowder}}. {{TP|Jessie|Lickitung}}'s {{m|Lick}} was even less effective, wiping Muk's face ineffectively to the point of causing pleasure instead of damage. It was then put to sleep by {{m|Sleep Powder}}, but awoke after [[Gary Oak]] intervened and drove Team Rocket away.
Muk has only ever fought in one other major battle, when Ash called it up from Oak's Lab in ''[[EP270|Can't Beat the Heat!]]'', along with {{AP|Heracross}}, {{AP|Tauros}} and {{AP|Snorlax}} in order to fight {{Gary}} in the [[Silver Conference]]. It was sent out originally to fight {{TP|Gary|Blastoise}}, and the two fought to a stalemate, with Muk's newly learned {{m|Sludge Bomb}} deflected by {{m|Rapid Spin}} and Blastoise's physical attacks absorbed into Muk's body. Ash pulled Muk for his {{AP|Bayleef}} quickly after. It was sent out to fight {{p|Scizor}} later, who dodged Sludge Bomb easily. Whilst Muk absorbed both {{m|Quick Attack}} and {{m|Metal Claw}}, Scizor was able to throw Muk, and defeated it with {{m|Swift}}.
Muk made an appearance in the special episodes, where it was seen crushing [[Cassidy]], [[Butch]] and all of the stolen Poké Balls. It was also seen crushing {{Tracey}} when he opened the door to Oak's Lab to {{Delia}}.
Muk reappeared in ''[[DP182|An Old Family Blend!]]'', at [[Professor Oak's Laboratory|Prof. Oak's lab]], and then it was transferred to Ash for a brief reunion. Muk was not seen participating in the [[Lily of the Valley Conference]].