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The group travels to Free Market City 'Karakuda' where they try on the various items being sold there. After Ryouga saves a child from a pair of fighting {{p|Bouffalant}}, they are invited by the child's grandmother to pick something from her store as a reward. Ryouga finds a he plate between the shelves and takes it as his reward. The plate reacts to Ryouga's Burst Heart and once he puts it in one of the six grooves that suddenly appeared, it fires a light that points to a young man. Ryouga tries introducing himself to the person but once they see the plate, now known as the Compass of Light, he attacks them. The young man introduces himself as [[Hariru]], a member of Great Gavel and tells him that the Compass can tell Ryouga how to get to Arcades. Hariru reveals that Arcades had destroyed his village and killed his father; he also states that he wants revenge and reveals his Burst form, a {{p|Zorua}}.
The two continue battling but eventually Ryouga falls to the powerful illusions and techniques that Hariru possesses and is defeated. Before Hariru can try to kill him, Miruto protects Ryouga and he opts for taking Ryouga's Burst Heart instead. Luckily, another of the Seven Warriors, [[Carola]], arrives on the scene at returns Ryouga's Burst Heart to him on their boss's orders, the two then leave while promising to return. After being healed, Ryouga and Miruto realize that Yappy had run off with the Compass of Light and go to find him. Ryouga finds Yappy in a village being cornered by [[Rend]], a {{p|Boldore}} Burst Warrior, and attacks him in anger.
Yappy easily manages to convince Ryouga to forgive him and Ryouga goes to battle Rend. As they battle, Rend reveals that he had known Ryouga's father, Garyuu, in the past. After being defeated by him, Ryouga is given an offer to become stronger by Rend. Next, the three are seen at Rend's house and is woken up by him so Ryouga can start his training. Ryouga, after doing various tasks, is knocked out by Rend and sent inside of his own Burst Heart in order to better connect with Zekrom. Ryouga travels through the fields of the Burst Heart and eventually finds a young man who tells him that Zekrom has no intention of meeting with him.
|img=Ryouga Boldore.png
|desc={{p|Boldore}} is Ryouga's second known Pokémon. Boldore originally belonged to [[Rend]] but he decided to give it to Ryouga after they helped him.}}