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|img=Jun Torterra DPA.jpgpng
|epname=The Mystery Boy, Jun!!
|desc={{p|Torterra}} is Jun's starter Pokémon who was received when it wasas a {{p|Turtwig}}. Turtwig was firstthen used,sent alongout in a double battle with Hareta's Piplup, to deal with some[[Mars]], problemsher caused{{p|Purugly}} byand Team Galactic{{p|Zubat}}. It evolved into a {{p|Grotle}} sometimeoffscreen after that. Grotleand then evolved into Torterra duringaround the battletime it battled with [[Koya]] and his {{p|Absol}}. Absol was able to easily defeat Torterra.
Torterra's only known move is {{m|Razor Leaf}}{{tt|*|as a Turtwig}}.}}
|epname=The Mystery Boy, Jun!!
|desc=Jun's {{p|Staraptor}} debuted as a {{p|Staravia}}. inIt thewas called out to save [[DPA03Hareta's Piplup]] after it was attacked by a {{p|thirdMagikarp}}. chapterLater, it evolved into a Staraptor while Jun was trying to support [[Mitsumi]] into thinking that Hareta is strong. During the Pokémon League, it lost to [[Koya]]'s {{p|Absol}}.
Staraptor's known moves are {{m|Whirlwind}} and {{m|Brave Bird}}.}}
|img=Jun Dragonite DPA.jpg‎png‎
|epname=(Violent) Earthquake! Cyrus's Consuming Ambition