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Appendix:Platinum walkthrough/Section 4

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After the battle
====After the battle====
'''Grunt 1''': ''You leave us no option. We will retreat for now. We shall do so because Team Galactic is benevolent to all.''
'''Rowan''': ''That lot... They called themselves Team Galactic. When Pokémon evolve, they seem to release some kind of energy... However, I believe that it's a mystic power far beyond our control. But Team Galactic seems to be studying that power's potential. They want to know if it can be used as energy for something...''
'''Dawn/Lucas''': ''<player>, did you know about this? The professor studies the evolution of Pokémon, too. According to his research, 90% of all Pokémon are somehow tied to evolution! Maybe that's the reason those goons tried to take the professor's research data. They're not allowed to do that!''
'''Rowan''': ''Its all over, so you can relax now. Still, thanks to you two, nothing came of that situation, I appreciate that. Incidentally, <player>. Kudos to you for your battling skill. It got me thinking. Why don't you collect all the badges of Sinnoh? Doing so, you will be sure to encounter lots of Pokémon. That, of course, means your Pokédex pages will continuously fill up. In other words, it will be of great help to my research. That said. I've given you your first Pokémon and Pokédex as yours to keep. You're free to do with them as you wish. Take care now.''
'''Man''': ''Oh, that was very good! Nicely done! Truly excellent! Oh, I beg your pardon, I'm from Jubilife TV! I'd like you to have something for letting me see that smashing battle!''
You gain the Fashion Case, which has several Accessories and Backdrops.
'''Man''': ''Contained within that Fashion Case... You will find a whole spectrum of chic Accessories and tasteful Backdrops! Dress up your Pokémon and watch their appeal grow! And, right now the TV station is offering its facilities so visitors can dress up their Pokémon! There are also prize giveaways, too! Please do visit our TV station!''
Now, begin walking upwards to arrive on Route 204, unless you would like to go to the Jubilife TV station. Then, you can walk down and take a left, and walk into the building.
down and take a left, and walk into the building.
==Route 204 (Lower)==