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Abandoned Ship

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{{Itlistbod|Water Stone|Rm. 3|RSE|display={{evostone|Water Stone}}}}
{{Itlistbod|Dive Ball|B1F, in the room with a broken door|RSE|display={{DL|Poké Ball|Dive Ball}}}}
{{Itlistbod|Escape Rope|B1F, in the lower-left room|RSE}}
{{Itlistbod|Harbor Mail|1F, in the upper-left room in the entrance|RSE|display={{DL|Mail|Harbor Mail}}}}
{{Itlistbod|Luxury Ball|Rm. 6|RSE|display={{DL|Poké Ball|Luxury Ball}}}}
{{Itlistbod|Revive|1F, in the upper room near Tuber Charlie|RSE|display={{DL|Revive|Revive}}}}
{{Itlistbod|TM Ice|In the storage closet|RSE|display={{TM|13|Ice Beam}}}}
{{Itlistbod|TM Water|Rm. 1|RSE|display={{TM|18|Rain Dance}}}}
{{Itlistbod|Scanner|Rm. 2|RSE|display={{DL|List of key items in Generation III|Scanner}}}}
{{Itlistbod|Storage Key III|In the lower-left corner of the Captain's Office|RSE|display={{DL|List of key items in Generation III|Storage Key}}}}
{{Itlistbod|Rm. 1 Key|Rm. 3 ''(hidden)''|RSE|display={{DL|List of key items in Generation III|Rm. 1 Key}}}}
{{Itlistbod|Rm. 2 Key|Rm. 5 ''(hidden)''|RSE|display={{DL|List of key items in Generation III|Rm. 2 Key}}}}