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:I understand what you're saying about the money issue and the servers, but have you noticed advertisements lately? Everywhere you go, they're dirty and obstructive, particularly in the case of celebrity videos and dating sites. I for one don't want that kind of influence here, because this and other related Wikis like the original Wikipedia are basically the last place this kind of garbage hasn't filtered through, and I (hopefully with the support of others too) would like to keep it that way. I admit, ads for sites like Google aren't bad, but I'm not sure exactly how much control one can have over what ads are shown here and which aren't (depending on the deal or whatever, I suppose). I suggest we get in touch with Nintendo and work out a deal - maybe we could advertise some of their merchandise for some retribution, enough maybe to pay for the servers and any other expenses. I'm sure we're already in some sort of collaboration with them, seeing as we would've gotten sued for copyright infringement long ago if we weren't... [[User:Kochdude388|Kochdude388]] 16:34, 10 July 2007 (UTC)
:: Google AdSense's ads are based primarily on the content on the page. Most of the stuff that would be appearing would be stuff like "Pokémon merchandise" and the like. Unless some vandal goes and blanks the page and replaces it with something inappropriate, the chances of something risqué coming up are slim to none.
::The few ads that Nintendo has on its page are banner ads--which as we all know are considerably more flashy and annoying than AdSense. Plus, the closest thing on Nintendo's page to getting any type of financial help is a sponsorship, and all of Nintendo's sponsorships are approved by a third party, not Nintendo itself. If Nintendo was a sponsor, they could also apply financial pressure to remove information on the site that they didn't like (not-officially-revealed Pokés like Darkrai, anyone?). In short, very, very risky. I agree with Jioruji Derako, as long as it's all going towards site maintenance, I have no qualms about a few ads. -[[User:PsychoYoshi|PsychoYoshi]] 18:47, 10 July 2007 (UTC)