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Dodrio Berry Picking

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Intro: Added info about parallel game, Pokemon Jump
The object is to use the left, right, and up buttons on the D-pad to make each of a {{p|Dodrio}}'s three heads catch the falling [[Berry|Berries]]. If a player misses a Berry the meter empties. Players must try to catch as many purple Berries and as few green Berries as possible. Each Berry can fill up a box on a meter above the game.
This is one of two games included in the [[Joyful Game Corner]] Wireless gaming center located on [[Two Island]] in the [[Sevii Islands]]. The other playable game at the Joyful Game Corner is [[Pokémon Jump]]. Neither Pokémon Jump nor Dodrio Berry Picking are available for play on {{2v2|Ruby|Sapphire}} as Ruby and Sapphire do not use the Wireless Adapter System.
In order to play the game, players must have a {{p|Dodrio}} in their [[party]]. The game requires three to five players.