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|episode=Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea
The Sea Temple, '''Samiya''' (misspelled asJapanese: '''Samayaアクーシャ''' in [[Chuang Yi]]'s manga translation'Akusha''), or '''Akusha''' in both Japanese and the Viz manga translation (Japanese:and '''アクーシャSamaya''' in [[Chuang Yi]]''Akusha'')s manga istranslation—is an underwater palace built by the [[People of the Water]]. It has a complex structure and holds the [[Sea Crown]] in its depths.
The People of the Water built the temple where the {{OBP|Manaphy|movie 9}} lived. All Manaphy have homing instincts that guide them to the temple even though it has a cloaking device. Though it cannot be seen regularly, as it blends in with the water, it will appear visibly under the red moonlight of a lunar eclipse. It floats around with the current presently, but used to stay put.