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Unova Route 5

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Obviously useful and long-lived information about a grassy area and encounters within it keeps being edited out.
==Route description==
A short, paved road that connects Nimbasa City with Driftveil Drawbridge. There is a grassy area on the north side of the road, and mated pairs of {{p|Liepard}} will sometimes attack together. There is a trailer parked on the road, which is owned by the hungry maid. The {{player}} will meet the {{pkmn|Champion}}, [[Alder]], for the first time. He will request the Player and [[Cheren]] to battle two {{tc|Preschooler}}s. Once the player has entered the [[Hall of Fame]], Cheren can be found facing the fence at the bottom of the route. He talks about strength and his journey, and then moves to {{un|Victory Road}}, where he can be fought for the final time.
===Hungry maid===