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'''Isis''' (Japanese: '''イシス''' ''Isis'') is a [[Pokémon Breeder]] that appeared in ''[[DP057|Bibarel Gnaws Best!]]''.
Then, just as Bibarel started to get angry, [[Team Rocket]] appeared. They captured the worker's {{p|Machoke}} and {{p|Machamp}}, and then Bibarel. But Bibarel used its strong front teeth to chew right through the cage bars, but after it was freed, it still refused to work.
When the [[Designer|head engineer]] arrived and put his {{p|Rhydon}} to work, Bibarel attacked. It didn't want to let the engineer's Pokémon touch the stone quarry. Then, the Expert appeared, scaring off the engineer and Bibarel and [[Ash's friends|the gang]] got right to work, and finally finished the bridge on time.