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== Synopsis ==
{{Incomplete synopsis}}
{{Ash}} and {{Ashfr|friends}} are traveling through a forest. Suddenly, an {{TP|Gary|Electivire}} charges up to them, closely pursued by [[Gary Oak]]. As Ash introduces {{an|Dawn}} to Gary, proving that their rivalry has faded. Gary then reveals that the Electivire is his own. Meanwhile, a few {{p|Shieldon}} walk up to Ash. Electivire picks up the Shieldon and begins to carry them around. Suddenly, [[Pokémon]] [[Hunter J]] appears and tries to capture the Shieldon, but Electivire picks them up and rushes off with them into the forest. J wants to sell the Shieldon. Gary criticizes Ash of being too reckless. J turns one of the Shieldon into stone and takes with her. [[Team Rocket]] sneak into J's base and get trapped. Ash and Gary hold onto the underneath of J's vehicle and manage to get inside the base for the Shieldon. Gary uses his Electivire to help release Team Rocket and mess up the base. They get the Shieldon back and leave. J's employer tells her the deal is off as [[Officer Jenny]] is nearby. Jenny arrests J's henchmen, but J escapes. J tells her second-in-command that they're not going to be doing any business with them again.
==Major events==