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Waiter (Trainer class)

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there are no Generation IV Trainers, and we have the BW ones
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A '''Waiter''' (Japanese: '''ウエーター''' ''Waiter'') is a type of [[Pokémon Trainer]] that first debuted in the [[Generation IV]] games. They are generally depicted as young men in typical waiter clothing. They are the male counterpart of {{tc|Waitress}}es.
==Trainer Listlist==
===Pokémon Black/ and White===
{{Trainerlist/e|1|Waiter [[Shopping Mall Nine|Bert]]}}
== Trivia ==
* [[Cilan]] and his brothers, [[Chili]] and [[Cress]] resemble this trainerTrainer class. The fact that [[Striaton Gym]] also doubles as a restaurant supports this.
==In other languages==
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