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=Welcome to my User Page!=
I was born in Fazakerly Hospital, Liverpool, England, in the 1990's. I was diagnosed with [ diabetes] at 14 months, which in some respects has helped me cope with it, as getting it so early on has, effectively, meant I've ''grown up'' with it. I started going to Kirkby C of E at age three, achieving, fairly good academic results, getting 4's and 5's through my primary school life. When I was about four my mum broke up with my dad and married someone else a few years later. It was thanks to one of our deputy heads that made my mum think about trying to get me in the Blue Coat School Liverpool, a grammar school in, well, Liverpool. I was required to learn ''all'' the things I would learn for my SATS in year six '''In year five!''' Even though It was a difficult uphill struggle, I managed to make category A. I have been going to the Blue Coat ever since, where there is a bridge club in which all the Pokémon fans of the school come together to [[battle]], [[trade]] and just have a goodgreat time!
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