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== Synopsis ==
On the way to [[Lilycove City]], our heroes notice a big banner in the middle of nowhere, with a bunch of {{p|Slakoth}} munching on bananas. {{an|Brock}} checks on the map, and sees that there is indeed a [[Banana Slakoth Garden|banana garden]] nearby, which is a habitat for Slakoth, who love bananas. {{Ash}} is also interested, because he also met [[Norman]]'s Slakoth, so they decide to check it out. [[Max]] and {{an|May}}, however, start to argue about if its even worth checking out, but Brock then takes out his recipe booklet and shows them all the wonderful food that can be made from bananas, such as banana splits. May then gives in.
Suddenly, they come to an entrance to a big jungle-like reserve which must be the reserve. It seems to be closed, though but as Ash leans on the gate, to their surprise it moves, so they head on in. Oddly, it seems to be empty. While May is more interested in the bananas, which there seems to be no sign of, Max gets disappointed at the lack of Slakoth. Suddenly, a big, loud rumbling shakes the forest, scaring them out of their wits! Then a few more pounds tremble the earth under them, just when the ground begins to crack. Fortunately a young man comes running to their rescue. They all follow him, and get to a small house, which seems to be the reception office for the reserve.