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Hello Nicefellow tousers meetand you, I'm ChromeVoid42, but the name shows up as Azure42 for you (i wantedwelcome to changemy it because it makes me appear that i like the [[Azure|character]]).page,
IAs amyou acan membersee ofthis Bulbapediapage becauseis iquite wantedempty toat bethe inmoment, thebut knowdon't aboutworry, stuffit'll likeall thechange animein andgood {{game|time. BlackFact and White|s}}is, whenthis ipage gotwill mybe accounta inavigation triedpage to getall myselfmy involvedsubpages inbecause quitei ahave few2 thingsmainpages, Azure42 and getChromeVoid42. theSo hangthis ofis editing, nowadayswhat i'm still learning stuff but i get most of it.ll do,
ThanksIf toyou {{u|Jediknightdtv|Jedi}}wanna i'vesay been ablehello to learnme, morefeel about creating my userpage and hopefully finish it as i have envisioned :P eventually i should have some pages dedicatedfree to stuffon like usertags,my {{uut|Azure42/Sandbox|Sandbox}}Talk etc. i'll have two main pages, Azure42 would be the 'clean version' where most things are explained with usertags and {{u|Azure42/ChromeVoid42|ChromeVoid42Page}} will be a little more opinionated and probably vocal in stuff i feel strongly about, such as shipping (mainly shipping), as well as usertags (because i {{p|Mudkip|liek}} them ;P), but don't worry, when they're done there should be a redirect so you can choose which one you wanna go on ;).
BecauseIf myyou pagewanna issee ina constructionpractically someempty thingspage, willvisit tendmy to change around here{{u|Azure42/Sandbox|Sandbox}}, but hey,i'm wesure areit'll allfill perfectionistsup ;).sometime
SoIf that'syou the brief welcomingwant to mysee a page, feelwhere freeyou tocan learn some things about me visit {{utu|Azure42/Main|TalkAzure42}}, this will eventually be my 'clean version' where i just explain things briefly, by usertag or not at all, pay no attention to me}}the if'''Bold youText''', wantit just explained why all the old stuff on here was on that page :)too
NowIf downyou towanna thesee infos,a asmid-construction Azure42page therewhere isyou littlemay explanationslearn something more detailed and LOTSdifferent ofabout usertagsme, visit {{u|Azure42/ChromeVoid42|ChromeVoid42}}, isthis upwould be the more opinionated page with more explanations and runningviews some ''may'' disagree with but notit's gotjust asexplaining muchwho contenti onam itand rightwhat nowmy views are, soi'm not there to enjoyargue :D)
Well, so far that's your lot, in a couple of days i plan to be getting more structured and possibly making/'borrowing' templates. So far, the only user i can thank in the construction of this page is {{u|Jediknightdtv}} but eventually others will be credited. So, feel free to roam about my pages (or not) i hope you enjoyed my page
'''WARNING''' the tag below will happen...when i get round to it (i gotta find/make them too)
{{Template:User Usertags}}
=About Me=
If you did not know,
{{User Male|628}}
I was born in '92, which makes me 18 going on 19. I have Aspergers Syndrome but i get angry when people note me as disabled, because we're all here because of [[Satoshi Tajiri|Someone Like Me]]. Here's the heartstring tuggers,
{{User Loner}}
{{User Invisible}}
Sometimes i like to be individual, that's all.
{{User Help}}
Mainly personal issues, i seem to give out good advice. But i can try to help with things on Bulbapedia you may struggle with, or i can direct you to someone who {{u|Jediknightdtv|can}}.
{{User No Worry}}
Mainly because
{{User Evil Genius}}
and will take over the world >:D!!! (kidding, i'd rather be remembered for good things)
I'm also making a GenVI game, it is a bit of a dream to work for TPCi which is why i'm doing a Game Design course for Uni, in addition
{{User Japan}}
it just looks so awesome!!!
{{User Baby Kangaskhan}}
{{User Shadow Lugia}}
again, awesome!!!
{{User Template|This User's '''Spirit Pokemon''' is|Shedinja (Pokemon)| Shedinja|Spr 4d 292.png|Black|Bug|Ghost|Black}}
{{User Template|This User's '''Spirit Legendary''' is|Rayquaza (Pokemon)| Rayquaza|Spr 4d 384 s.png|Black|Dragon|Flying|Black}}
For those who are unknown to Spirit Pokemon, the fandom i am acquainted with had this phase of photos where someone called upon their '''Spirit Pokemon''' to help them with stuff, this thing became a meme for us and we decided that we would have our own. To get a spirit pokemon, we went on a random number generator site and put the boundaries between 1 and 649, whatever number turned up would be the national dex number of your Spirit Pokemon, people usually stick with their spirit pokemon and try not to go again until they get a braggable Spirit Pokemon, people also choose a '''Spirit Legendary Pokemon''', using the site until they get the dex number of a legendary (the same is done visa versa for those who got legendaries first - as in get a non-legend too), i chose a shiny sprite for this tag because it's my favorite shiny ;)
other than that there is not much outside world stuff you need to know, other than i'm English for Timezone reasons maybe, but yeah, that's me :).
=Game Info=
Of course,
{{Template: User Male Trainer}}
but also
{{Template: User Breeding}}
I breed so i'm not sending the same pokemon over game to game, so i send over the young ones and train them from Lv1
{{Template: User All Generations}}
{{Template: User No Cheating}}
I used to [[Pokemon cloning|Clone]] but i don't see much gain in it anymore, plus i've got [[Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen Versions|two games]] (a firered i bought and a leafgreen for xmas) bought from Amazon/Ebay that cannot save and migrate which furthers my hate for it
{{User Template|The first Pokemon game this user owned was|Pokemon Red and Blue Versions| Pokemon Blue|Spr 1b 009.png|Black|Water|Water|Black}}
{{Template: User White}}
{{Template: User Champion|W}}
I'm also on Dream World as '''ChromeVoid42''', but i can't figure out how to do that on the [[Template:User Dream World|usertag]] :P
In Brief, i started out just training 1 pokemon and strolling through the elite, after that i sought to be a more diverse kind of trainer. For side games i owned Rangers [[Pokémon Ranger (game)|1]]&[[Pokémon Ranger:Shadows of Almia|2]] and i once played [[Pokémon Snap|Snap]] but now i stick to main series. On White i've caught every pokemon legitimately possible (except {{p|Landorus}} as i need a {{p|Tornadus}} and the pokemon that require stone and trade evolutions) and just need to do some [[Poke Transfer|transferring]] and trading. As a diverse trainer,
{{Template: User Alltypes|133.png}}
My strategy is usually to have type advantage move or pokemon against my foes (using Bulbapedia as a source for important foes) and i tend to keep hold of pokemon i've caught earlier in the game or have been given to me as a gift/egg, i also like to use pokemon with varying movepools. I also want to point out that
{{User Template|This User follows the |anime|Anime Philosophy|Ash_anime.png|Black|White|White|Black}}
For those who don't know what i mean by this, i mean that i don't capture for natures or moves, i generally train my pokemon up no matter what ability, IV or nature they have.
My main purpose of playing the game is
{{Template: User Dex}}
But also
{{User Template|This user wants to be| Pokemon Theme|the very best like no one ever was|OPE01.png|Black|Steel|Steel|Fighting}}
Sorry, couldn't resist ;)
=Anime Info=
i'll keep quiet for most anime stuff as it is where most my opinions are at, what i will reveal is this
{{Template:User YouTube}}
and that i've watched at least one episode of every season (i kinda lost interest during AG and DP) and every single movie they've released.
=Manga Info=
{{Template:User Pokémon Adventures}}
This is the only Pokemon manga i've read ever, i was a little disheartened when the UK stopped publishing them :( so I usually keep tabs on the manga here. I remember reading my [[PS005|First round]] when my grandparents got it for me and it's stuck in my mind since. My favorite chapters are the {{chap|Red, Green & Blue|RGB chapter}} and the {{chap|Ruby & Sapphire|RS Chapter}}, as my favorite characters are the holders themselves.
=Usertags I've made=
{{User Template|This user is|Snivy (Pokemon)| Smug|495.png|Black|Grass|Normal|Grass}}
{{User Template|This user is a|Lucario (Pokemon)| Super Saiyan|Spr_5b_448_s.png‎ |Black|Steel|Electric|Fighting}}
:First one's a Smugleaf reference
:The Second one is a Dragonball reference
:The others i've created are the 'Spirit Pokemon/Legendary', 'first pokemon game' 'anime philosophy' and the 'wants to be the very best' tags above
:feel free to use them (but please ask so i can keep tabs) :)
{{Template: User Lost the Game}}
mwhahaha, wait a minute, so did I!!! D: haha, smell ya later User, hope you enjoyed my page :)