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This is a list of Pokémon by their evolution family. That is, it is a list of Pokémon in their [[National Pokédex]] [[List of Pokémon by National Pokédex number|order]], however, it includes [[List of Pokémon with cross-generational evolutions|later-released]] [[evolution]]s and [[Baby Pokémon|pre-evolutions]] closer to the first Pokémon in their family to be released. This means that {{p|Pichu}} will appear before {{p|Pikachu}}, instead of at its National Pokédex position of 172, and {{p|Magby}} and {{p|Magmortar}} will appear next to {{p|Magmar}}. Evolution families are named by their basic evolutionary form. For example, although {{p|Azurill}} is the lowest Pokémon in its evolutionary line, it is still known as the {{p|Marill}} family, because Marill was released first.
The methods of evolution listed include all legitimate manners of inducing said evolution in the [[main series]] games, {{g|Colosseum}}, and {{Pokémon XD}}, with the first listed being the first introduced method, which itself may or may not be able to be done as of [[Generation V]] depending on the Pokémon.
==List of Pokémon by evolution family==
{{lop/evo|Ponyta|Fire|077|Ponyta|Level 40|078|Rapidash}}
{{lop/evo-branch-1|Slowpoke|Water|079|Slowpoke|Level 37|080|Slowbro|Trade holding King's Rock|199|Slowking}}
{{lop/evo|Magnemite|Electric|081|Magnemite|Level 30|082|Magneton|Level up in Mt. Coronet<br>Level orup insidein Chargestone Cave|462|Magnezone}}
{{lop/evo|Doduo|Flying|084|Doduo|Level 31|085|Dodrio}}
{{lop/evo-branch-multi|{{color2|000|Eeveelution}}|Normal|133|Eevee|Water Stone|134|Vaporeon|Thunderstone|135|Jolteon|Fire Stone|136|Flareon|Happiness (day)<br>Level up with Sun Shard|196|Espeon|Happiness (night)<br>Level up with Moon Shard|197|Umbreon|Level up near a Moss Rock|470|Leafeon|Level up near an Ice Rock|471|Glaceon}}
{{lop/evo|Porygon|Normal|137|Porygon|Trade holding Up-Grade|233|Porygon2|Trade holding Dubious Disc|474|Porygon-Z}}
{{lop/evo|Omanyte|Rock|138|Omanyte|Level 40|139|Omastar}}
{{lop/evo|Whismur|Normal|293|Whismur|Level 20|294|Loudred|Level 40|295|Exploud}}
{{lop/evo|Makuhita|Fighting|296|Makuhita|Level 24|297|Hariyama}}
{{lop/evo|Nosepass|Rock|299|Nosepass|Level up atin Mt. Coronet<br>Level up in Chargestone Cave|476|Probopass}}
{{lop/evo|Skitty|Normal|300|Skitty|Moon Stone|301|Delcatty}}
{{lop/evo|Lileep|Rock|345|Lileep|Level 40|346|Cradily}}
{{lop/evo|Anorith|Rock|347|Anorith|Level 40|348|Armaldo}}
{{lop/evo|Feebas|Water|349|Feebas|Level up with maximum [[Contest categories|Beauty]]<br>Trade holding BeautyPrism Scale|350|Milotic}}
{{lop/evo-group||Normal|351|Castform|Normal|351S|Castform|Sunny Castform|351R|Castform|Rainy Castform|351H|Castform|Snowy Castform|group=Castform}}