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Thanx for letting me know Jello
This is my first article on bulbapedia, so im sorry dont bann me please. But once again thanx for telling me what was wrong.
:My intention isn't to ban you, but it is important that you listen, and read what people tell you. Your welcome template contains very important information that you should read. Steer away from creating articles for a while, until you are able to get a hang of things. Make small edits and learn from there. Also, it's not a good idea to recreate an article once it has been deleted. There is always a reason when something like this happens, so you should trust the judgment of staff. Please don't forget to sign all talk pages with <nowiki>~~~~</nowiki> so people know who wrote the comment. <span style="color:red">—<small>♥</small></span> <b>[[User:Jello|<span style="color:orange;">Jello</span>]][[User Talk:Jello|<span style="color:#3FA9D0;"><sup>talk</sup></span>]]</b> 21:48, 8 June 2011 (UTC)