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I understand that there has to be a reason for this
and I want to know what was really wrong with my page
Please reply Thanx! {{unsigned|Nostalogic10}}
:It was deleted because a) it was ''false''. Where's your proof for this kind of stuff? You need to do research and present your findings before you go change something that is widely accepted. b) It was only one sentence. We want quality here, and a one sentence page will not do. I suggest you stick to minor edits for now, because clearly, creating articles requires a lot more than a sentence. Don't forget to sign your comments, and please read the welcome template on your talk page before editing any further. <span style="color:red">—<small>♥</small></span> <b>[[User:Jello|<span style="color:orange;">Jello</span>]][[User Talk:Jello|<span style="color:#3FA9D0;"><sup>talk</sup></span>]]</b> 21:27, 8 June 2011 (UTC)