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Egg groups are preserved along evolutionary lines; {{p|Ralts}}, {{p|Kirlia}}, {{p|Gardevoir}}, and {{p|Gallade}} are all in the {{egg|Indeterminate}} group, while {{p|Pikachu}} and {{p|Raichu}} are in the {{egg|Ground}} and {{egg|Fairy}}. [[Baby Pokémon]] are the only Pokémon besides {{p|Shedinja}}, {{p|Nidorina}}, and {{p|Nidoqueen}} that are not in the same group as their evolutionary relatives; {{p|Nidorina}} and {{p|Nidoqueen}} are both in the {{egg2|No eggs}}, while {{p|Shedinja}} is in the {{egg2|Mineral}}, despite having no gender, and, as such, requiring {{p|Ditto}} to breed.
Egg groups have only been canonically mentioned in [[Pokémon Stadium 2]], where they are a part of [[Earl]]'s Pokémon Academy's extensive data banks, and [[Pokédex 3D]], where they are mentioned along with various other information about the Pokémon in question.
==Breeding chains==