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The [[Shiny]] [[Ditto]] [[Glitch]] is a glitch between the first and second generation games which allows the user to turn a normal Ditto into a shiny one. Once completed, the user will have a shiny ditto which can then be used to breed other shiny Pokemon.
#REDIRECT [[List of minor glitches#Shiny Ditto glitch]]
==Preparing for the Glitch==
Before you begin, you will need a few things:
*A copy of any of the first generation games([[R/B/Y]])
*A copy of any of the second generation games([[G/S/C]])
*A [[link cable]]
*The [[red Gyarados]] from the second generation games
*A [[pokedoll]]
==Performing the glitch==
Here are the steps:
*1. Trade your red Gyarados to R/B/Y
*2. Give your Pokedoll to [[Copycat]](She lives in the north-western part of [[Saffron City]]) and she will give you [[TM 31]], [[Mimic]].
*3. Teach Mimic to Gyarados, and then trade it back to G/S/C
*4. Go to [[Blackthorn City]] and have the [[Move Deleter]](who lives in the southern part of the city to the left of the [[Pokemart]]) delete every one of Gyarados' moves besides Mimic
*5. Trade Gyarados back to R/B/Y and fight a wild Ditto(they can be found at Routes 13, 14, 15, 23, and Cerulean Cave) with your Gyarados
*6. Let Ditto use [[Transform]]
*7. Make Gyarados use Mimic
*8. Let the Ditto use Transform once more
*9. Catch the Ditto
*10. Once traded back to G/S/C, the Ditto will be shiny
==The Point?==
Normally, you have a 1/8192 chance of encountering a shiny Pokemon in the wild. However, when breeding with a shiny Pokemon, the chances are raised to 1/64. Since Ditto can breed with most Pokemon, a shiny Ditto can be used to drastically increase the chances of [[breeding]] a shiny Pokemon.