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Also in [[Generation I]], any Pokémon that uses Transform is regarded as a Ditto in its new form; this means that if the player catches a {{p|Mew}} or a Glitch Pokémon which has used the move Transform instead they will obtain a Ditto because a wild {{p|Mew}} cannot be legitimately encountered. This system was later changed in [[Generation III]] so that the {{p|Mew}} on [[Faraway Island]] is not caught as Ditto if it uses Transform.
By exploiting the factors that determine a [[shiny Pokémon]], a shiny Ditto can be obtained by trading the [[red Gyarados]] to Generation I and capturing a Ditto that transforms into it. A similar glitch occurs if a regular Ditto is made to transform into a shiny Ditto in Generation II. For more on this, see [[shiny ditto clitchglitch]]
Several more glitches involving Ditto's transformation have been discovered in [[Generation IV]] as well. In the original Japanese {{2v2|Diamond|Pearl}}, due to an oversight in the programming of Transform, a Ditto will copy the Pokémon's [[held item]] in addition to its species, allowing rare items to be duplicated. Another glitch allows for Ditto to transform and then permanently keep the moveset of the Pokémon it became, allowing for the passing down of previously impossible [[egg move]] combinations in a large-scale version of {{p|Smeargle}}'s ability to do so with all {{egg2|Ground}} Pokémon through {{m|Sketch}}.