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I started using Bulbapedia so i could be in the know about stuff like the anime and {{game| Black and White|s}}, when i got my account i tried to get myself involved in quite a few things and get the hang of editing, nowadays i'm still learning some stuff but i get most of it, i hope to do more during my time in bulbapedia, anything else you wanna know will probably turn up as a usertag or a heading when the page is finished :)
Thanks to [[User:Jediknightdtv|Jedi]] i've been able to learn more about creating my userpage totally, eventually i'll have some pages dedicated to stuff like usertags, sandbox[[User:Azure42/Sandbox|Sandbox]] etc. i'll also be making two main pages, Azure42 would be the 'clean version' where most things are explained with usertags, ChromeVoid42 will be a little more opinionated and probably vocal in stuff i feel strongly about, such as shipping (mainly shipping), as well as usertags (because i {{p|Mudkip|liek}} them ;P)
if you wanna chat withor meneed asanything inthat sayinvolves hello,communication askfeel somethingfree you might think i'd know or anything like that go on myto [[User Talk:Azure42|talk]] page, i'll try to beme]] nice :P
Well, i hope you enjoyed my in-construction page, nice talking to you, smell ya later ;)
'''I'm also ''stillStill'' designing a Generation 6 game (which includes anime episodes and manga chapters), but i get on as much as i can (currently designing cities)'''
Warning, the tag below will happen...when i get round to it (i gotta find/make them too)
but also
{{Template: User Breeding}}
I breed so i'm not sending the same pokemon over game to game, so i send over the young ones and train them from Lv1
{{Template: User All Generations}}
{{Template: User No Cheating}}