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I used to [[Pokemon cloning|Clone]] but i don't see much gain in it anymore, plus i've got [[Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen Versions|threetwo games]] (twoa fireredsfirered i bought and a leafgreen for xmas) bought from Amazon/Ebay that cannot save and migrate which furthers my hate for it
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i'll keep quiet for most anime stuff, what i will reveal is this
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and that i've watched at least one episode of every season (i kinda lost interest during AG and DP) and every single movie (though, the [[M13|latest]] one i watched was in japanese but i tend to watch more japanese anime than english nowadays, even without subtitles - i seem to get the idea of what they're saying anyway)
'''Manga Info'''
The only Pokemon manga i read is [[Pokemon Adventures]]. I usually keep tabs on the manga here (as the UK don't distribute them where i live D:) i remember reading my [[PS005|First round]] though, my favorites are the [[Red, Green & Blue chapter (Adventures)|RGB chapter]] and the [[Ruby & Sapphire chapter (Adventures)|RS Chapter]], as my favorite characters are the holders themselves.
'''Templates I've made'''