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Glacia's Stadium (EX Power Keepers 76)

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{{TrainercardInfoboxTCGTrainerCardInfobox |
cardname=Glacia's Stadium |
jname=プリムのスタジアム |
image=GlaciaStadiumEXPowerKeepers76.jpg |
caption=Illus. [[Ryo Ueda]] |
class=Old Trainer |
subclass=Stadium |
{{TrainercardInfoboxTCGTrainerCardInfobox/Expansion|class=Trainer|expansion={{TCG|EX Power Keepers}}|rarity={{rar|Uncommon}}|cardno=76/108|jpexpansion={{TCG|World Champions Pack}}|jprarity={{rar|Uncommon}}|jpcardno=097/108}}
'''Glacia's Stadium''' (Japanese: '''プリムのスタジアム''' ''Prim's Stadium'') is a {{TCG|Stadium card}}. It is part of the {{TCG|EX Power Keepers}} expansion.
==Card text==
{{TrainerTCGTrainerText Text|
| ruling class=Trainer This card stays in play when you play it. Discard this card if another Stadium card comes into play. If another card with the same name is in play, you can't play this card.|
| effect rule=Old EachStadium player's {{e|Water}} Pokémon (excluding Pokémon-ex) has no Weakness.
effect=Each player's {{e|Water}} Pokémon (excluding Pokémon-ex) has no Weakness. |
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