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Well, i hope you enjoyed my in-construction page, nice talking to you, smell ya later ;)
'''I'm also still designing a generation 6 game (which includes anime episodes and manga chapters), but i get on as much as i can'''
Warning, the tag below will happen...when i get round to it (i gotta find/make them too)
'''Game Info'''
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Simple stuff, my first game saw me train my onlyfirst {{p|Blastoise|Level 100}} (and only until may 2011 where i got my {{p|Typhlosion|second}}) and stroll through the elite, after that i tried to be a more diverse trainer throughout. On White i've caught all the legendaries legitimately possible (except {{p|Landorus}} as i need a {{p|Tornadus}}) and just need to do some [[Poke Transfer|transferring]] and trading. As a diverse trainer,
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I usually prefer to battle with a type advantage (using Bulbapedia as a source for important foes) and i tend to keep hold of pokemon i've caught earlier in the game or have been given to me as a gift/egg, i also like to use pokemon with varying movepools (such as teaching my {{p|Aggron}} {{m|Aerial Ace}} and {{m|Ice Beam}})