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In the anime
|img=Lenora Herdier.png
|epname=RematchThe atBattle theAccording Nacreneto GymLenora!
|vajp=Unshō Ishizuka
|desc=Lenora's {{p|Herdier}} debuted in ''[[BW016|Rematch at the Nacrene Gym!]]'', when Lenora decided to use it in her second Gym Battle against Ash in order to test him against a different Pokémon after his hard training at the local [[Battle Club]]. Like Lillipup, it used Roar to force Ash's Tepig to return into its Poké Ball, forcing Oshawott into the battle. After this, Herdier was recalled back into its ball. It was called out again later to battle Tepig after Oshawott had tied with Watchog. Herdier proved to be far stronger than Lillipup, using the powerful {{m|Giga Impact}} to make things difficult for Tepig. However Tepig was faster and more powerful than before and battled hard, finally taking Herdier out with his newly-learned {{m|Flame Charge}}.