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In the anime
Watchog's known moves are {{m|Mean Look}}, {{m|Low Kick}}, {{m|Thunderbolt}} and {{m|Confuse Ray}}, and its ability is {{a|Illuminate}}.}}
|img=Lenora Lillipup.png
|epname=The Battle According to Lenora!
|vajp=Kiyomi Asai
|desc=Lenora's {{p|Lillipup}} debuted in ''[[BW015|The Battle According to Lenora!]]'', where it battled {{Ash}}'s {{AP|Tepig}}. When it was first sent out, both Iris and Ash were drawn to its cuteness. Despite its cute appearance, however, it was shown to be fierce in battle, to Iris's dismay. In its battle with Ash, it used {{m|Roar}} to send Tepig back, forcing {{AP|Oshawott}} to come out. It was then called back to its ball. Later on, it was sent back out when Watchog defeated Oshawott. It was able to easily beat Ash's Tepig with a powerful {{m|Take Down}}, causing Ash to lose the battle to Lenora.
Lillipup's known moves are {{m|Roar}}, {{m|Shadow Ball}} and {{m|Take Down}}.}}