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Because of the effort Meowth exerted while learning to speak and walk like a human, he has not learned the signature move of his species, {{m|Pay Day}}. In ''[[EP096|Meowth Rules]]'', Meowth was worshiped by an island of people who believed that he could bring them riches with Pay Day. When he was caught in a battle meant to induce Pay Day, Jessie and James had to secretly bail him out by throwing the last of their spare change and some of James' prized bottlecaps in order to appease the islanders. Upon learning of its species' love for gathering coins and shiny objects from Ash's [[Pokédex]] later in ''[[AG109|Do I Hear a Ralts?]]'', Jessie criticized him for not doing so.
There has been some debate as to whether or not Meowth was ever {{an|Giovanni}}'s "Top Cat" (personal pet). He has stated himself as such in front of Giovanni with no objection (only to say that {{TP|Giovanni|Persian}} was now in that position). Yet in ''[[SS012|Training Daze]]'', he was shown to have been present at Team Rocket Headquarters for a short time, during which we see that Persian is already there. During this time, Meowth became a servant to Giovanni, bringing him food and drinks; however, he was unsuccessful at this task because he tripped over a wire, spilled Giovanni's coffee and wasgot assignedhimself electrocuted. Giovanni didn't appear to thebe teamangry, ofbut he assigned Meowth to Jessie and James's team. In light of this, it should be noted that ''[[SS012|Training Daze]]'' potentially contradicted other stated facts from previous episodes regarding Team Rocket's back story.
Meowth has an ambitious, conniving, and idealistic personality. He has made it his life goal to please Giovanni (or "Boss," as he and his teammates call Giovanni), and will stop at nothing to capture or steal useful or rare [[Pokémon]], especially [[Ash's Pikachu]], which he has been pursuing since he encountered it in ''[[EP002|Pokémon Emergency]]''. Several times, Meowth and Pikachu have had to team up, such as in the episodes ''[[EP104|Bound for Trouble]]'' and ''[[EP274|Hoenn Alone]]'' when both were separated from their respective parties. His relationship with Jessie and James varies in quality; for example, in ''[[EP070|Go West, Young Meowth]]'' they stated that they regarded Meowth as a friend, but in ''[[EP104|Bound for Trouble]]'', having discovered Meowth and Pikachu after the two had been stuck together, they both stated that they had really been looking for Pikachu and Meowth was just 'part of the package'. Meowth seems to have aspects of each of his teammates in him; in arguments, he can often be seen siding with either Jessie (usually denouncing James' incompetence) or James (usually complaining about Jessie's overdramatic and rash behavior). Despite these fights, the three remain very close and loyal friends, although at one point in Giovanni's Gym in Viridian City, they threatened to split up. However they realized they had over reacted, and became friends again, proving themselves very loyal to each other.
Despite his seemingly outgoing nature, Meowth also has a contemplative inner side not seen as often. In one of his image songs, ''[[Meowth's Song]]'', and in ''[[M01|Mewtwo Strikes Back]]'', he is shown to be a bit of a philosopher. In ''Mewtwo Strikes Back'', he and his clone (in addition to Pikachu) were the only Pokémon not to participate in the giant battle, Meowth remarking (in the dub) that the originals and the clones shared the same air, moon, and planet, giving them common ground. Meowth comforted [[Ash's Chimchar]] in ''[[DP053|Tears For Fears!]]'' and actually expressed some admiration for Ash and his friends, commenting, "You [Chimchar] have buddies who'd give you the shirt off their backs if you needed one." On a few occasions, Meowth has become stranded with Pikachu, and during these times, the two work together fairly well. Pikachu distrusts Meowth for obvious reasons but Meowth is more willing to let go of the past and work together. Usually, by the end of these episodes, Meowth will betray Pikachu once they find Jessie and James. Another trait Meowth shares with Ash's Pikachu is that they have a huge rivalry with their evolved forms, {{p|Persian}} and {{p|Raichu}}, respectively (though Pikachu is actually willing to work with Raichu, just isn't willing to evolve into one).