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Teravolt (Ability)

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===In battle===
Teravolt negates the effects of [[ability|Abilities]] that weaken or negate moves or the side-effects of moves.
Teravolt nullifies the following Abilities: {{a|Battle Armor}}, {{a|Clear Body}}, {{a|Damp}}, {{a|Dry Skin}}, {{a|Filter}}, {{a|Flash Fire}}, {{a|Flower Gift}}, {{a|Heatproof}}, {{a|Hyper Cutter}}, {{a|Immunity}}, {{a|Inner Focus}}, {{a|Insomnia}}, {{a|Keen Eye}}, {{a|Leaf Guard}}, {{a|Levitate}}, {{a|Lightningrod}}, {{a|Limber}}, {{a|Magma Armor}}, {{a|Marvel Scale}}, {{a|Motor Drive}}, {{a|Oblivious}}, {{a|Own Tempo}}, {{a|Sand Veil}}, {{a|Shell Armor}}, {{a|Shield Dust}}, {{a|Simple}}, {{a|Snow Cloak}}, {{a|Solid Rock}}, {{a|Soundproof}}, {{a|Sticky Hold}}, {{a|Storm Drain}}, {{a|Sturdy}}, {{a|Suction Cups}}, {{a|Tangled Feet}}, {{a|Thick Fat}}, {{a|Unaware}}, {{a|Vital Spirit}}, {{a|Volt Absorb}}, {{a|Water Absorb}}, {{a|Water Veil}}, {{a|White Smoke}}, and {{a|Wonder Guard}}.
===Outside of battle===
NoneTeravolt has no effect outside of battle.
==Pokémon with Teravolt==