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Copycat (Expedition 138)

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*In the original print, Copycat is depicted mimicking {{ga|Ethan}} as he appears in [[Generation II]], the [[Team Rocket]] member featured in {{TCG ID|Gym Heroes|The Rocket's Trap|19}}, and [[Blaine]]. She is also depicted cosplaying as a {{p|Pikachu}}, similar in appearenceappearance to {{tc|Poké Kid}} trainers that would later appear in [[Generation IV]].
*In the reprint, she is seen mimicking Ethan as he appears in Generation IV, [[Professor Elm]], [[Misty]], and a female {{tc|Team Rocket Grunt}}.
*The Japanese promotional print has the Pokémon Card Game LEGEND logo in the top right of the illustration and the SoulSilver Collection logo on the bottom left.