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Poké Radar
It is important to note that the Pokémon catchable on a given stroll are fixed from the time the player transfers their Pokémon to the Pokéwalker. At this time, the game selects one Pokémon from each of the 3 groups (A, B and C) that will appear during that stroll. Should the player wish to catch one of the three Pokémon not selected for that stroll they must send their Pokémon back to their game card and then choose to go on the route again. Equally important is that Pokémon caught are assigned a random [[nature]], ignoring {{a|Synchronize}}.
The battle system of the Pokéwalker is quite primitive, even compared to the [[Generation I]] games: each Pokémon utilizes their in-game menu sprite in the battle, while each has only 4 HP. Only three choices are offered: Attack, Evade, or Catch. Attacking will cause the player's Pokémon to perform a basic tackle on the opponent (note that this is not the {{m|Tackle|move itself}}, and that type advantages and disadvantages play no role), while evading may cause the opponent's attack to miss. Evading successfully will result in attacking the opponent for one damage without receiving any. If the player's Pokémon evades but the opponent does not choose to attack, it will result in a "Stare down" between the two Pokémon. The catch option will throw a Poké Ball at the wild Pokémon, which may be caught. Critical hits sometimes occur; these will take away 2 HP rather than the standard 1. If a Poké Ball is not successful in capturing the opponent Pokémon, it will flee, and the player's 10 watts will have been in vain. The same is true if the player's Pokémon defeats its opponent, whereas if the opponent defeats the player's Pokémon, up to 10 watts will be lost (much as money is in the main series games after the defeat of the player's Pokémon).