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=====Can I use the talk pages to talk with my friends?=====
Talk pages are for users to discuss Bulbapedia related matters with each other. You can talk to your friends who join BulbapedaBulbapedia over on the forums.
=====Why can't I remove comments from my talk page?=====
Talk page comments should be saved on the talk page to provide everyone that a certain issue or fact has been discussed and possibly solved. Comments on the user talk page should be saved as they allow a user to grow to be a better user from the advice and comments of others. However, occasionally the talk pages can get cluttered and should then be archived.
=====How do I archive my talk page?=====
Talk pages can be archived by locating the move tab in between the history and watch tabs. By pressing it you can move your talk page to another name, with the most common being "User talk:<code>User name</code>/Archive 1." The archived talk page should be tagged with {{Template|TalkArchive}} so that users can be aware that it is an archive and should not be further edited. The redirect page should be then be used as the new talk page.
==Template related==